About us

This is us
and we make art.
We have individual webpages here and here, but decided it would be a good idea to show how the things we do sit together. So this is more representative of the way we live–constantly making stuff around each other and influenced by one another.




and I am trying to identify with all the warm meat, not just the parts that make the words.

“The philosophy of organism inverts the order, and conceives the thought as a constituent operation in the creation of the occasional thinker,” Alfred North Whitehead said.

“Well then maybe sometimes I also slip into being _____. But _____ isn’t as self-conscious,” Angie thought.

Rodrigo Constanzo is my twin.

About me by May 10, 2014:
P– Always ACT out of love
me – But sometimes it’s hard
P3 – Yup

I think having heard that voice was one of the greatest things to have ever been experienced.






I make art.
I think this is an important thing to do.

The art I make is generally smeared in time, in the form of music.

I improvise and act as an antennae to the beauty, electricity, and endless surprise that is living a crazy life.

I compose and try to create new sounds, interactions and behaviors that I find interesting and challenging.

I perform my own music and the music of others on a variety of instruments, with close friends.

I believe in magic.
I believe in sharing things (for free).
I believe in teaching.
I believe in openness.

I love sweet jams, and I avoid speaking with a complicated vocabulary as much as possible.

I love learning.

I try to live as presently and honestly as possible.

I live with artist Angela Guyton.