PLAY – ring

Feb 28, 2019

PLAY – ring

I’ve never really liked rings.

But recently, I really wanted to make one in this style out of pink plastic (resin, really)–so here it is! And I kind of absolutely love it.

It’s totally handmade. From the carving, to the mold making, to the shaping.

Here’s the process:

I carved the positive out of niupika carving wax (pictured above, in blue). It took me a few tries to understand just what tools I needed to use and how slowly I needed to go to not crack the surface or remove too much by mistake. Then I created a mold using Polycraft GP-3481-F silcone rubber. This also took a few tries because I had to figure out how to minimize bubbles and also how to best bisect the mold to minimize the occurrence of registration errors. Then I cast a few using polytek easyflo 60 resin, that I tinted pink.

Each one has it’s own little errors. But as The Narrator in Fight Club (Edward Norton) explained to you, it’s these little blemishes that make each object unique.

If you like this idea as much as I do and want one, email me. I can pour you one and shape it to your size (in mm). They’re £10, shipping included.

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