words and drawings and stuff

Oct 6, 2018

words and drawings and stuff

I’ve started collaborating with Kristina Rae, who is a writer, comedian, and improvisor working out of Toronto. We both want to put funny stuff out into the world, so these comics are one way to try and do that. Click ‘continue reading’ to see all the ones made so far.

These are…ok. I really like how that sock came out, but I’m going to try to push it a little more in the next ones. (The “next ones” being whatever is posted *above* this one–because of the reverse chronological order of this post–so we’ll see how that goes.)

^ I wonder if this wouldn’t work better if instead of getting some DIY/techy things done, the twin actually got physical work done–as in plastic surgery. Hmmm…maybe that’s the way to go. I’ll probably circle back to that.

^ Ok, this one is one I wrote myself before this collaboration started, but I didn’t want to make it into it’s own post, so I’m just going to sneak it in here.

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