Feb 11, 2018


Here you’ll find some of the ones I’ve made, either as sole creator or in collaboration with other artists and writers. The link in the description for each book will lead you to it’s blogpost, where you’ll find digital versions, information about my working process, related and unrelated thoughts, and various process pics.

If you’d like to place an order–or have just enjoyed the digital versions of any work–please send a paypal payment to angela.guyton@gmail.com. I’ll respond via email to confirm your order before I send it out.

Shipping is included on all orders.

Zero Town #1


Limited run of 100. Signed and numbered.

A neo-noir mystery of involuntary time travel, the supernatural, and mad science set in South Florida.

Made in collaboration with Jason Chestnut.

Click HERE for more details.

That’s So Julian


About Julian Assange’s stay at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Written and drawn by me.

Click HERE for more details.

NOT The Rodrigo Constanzo Story


About aspiring to play Rodrigo Constanzo.

Written by Rodrigo Constanzo.

Drawn and edited by me.

Click HERE for more details.



All three comics above in a sweet little package!

It will also include a super lewd mini-comic that I don’t sell anymore,

and that no one should even see really…but here we are…!

(Payment via paypal to angela.guyton@gmail.com)

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